There are over 20 species of Candida yeast which are known to cause systemic yeast infection in humans, Candida albicans is the most common. Candida albicans is a single celled yeast which affects men, women, and children and is impossible to avoid no matter which diet you follow.

Candida fungi usually resides in the intestinal tract but when it gets out of control (known as yeast overgrowth or candidiasis) it may cause localized rashes in the mouth, genitalia, and around hotspots (neck, back, belly, and joints). Symptoms of yeast overgrowth include itching, depression, irritability, dizziness, unclear thinking, difficulty focusing, fatigue, gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, rapid weight loss or gain, inflamed acne, etc. Researchers at Rice University concluded that 70% of Americans are impacted by Candida.

Can It Be Controlled Naturally?

For many years, managing Candida meant the use of anti-fungal drugs and herbs. However, these agents have limited efficacy: 

  1. They have been shown to undermine liver health. 
  2. Candida can become resistant to them. 
  3. They cause “die off” (herxheimer) reactions which many people cannot tolerate.

Candida Candex

What is Candex?

Candex™ was the first product formulated which uses enzymes to control yeast overgrowth. Cellulase and hemicellulase enzymes destroy the cell wall of Candida Albicans and without a cell wall the yeast cannot function.

Digestive aids do not provide enough enzymes to combat Candida. The enzymes in Candex do not tax the liver and Candida cannot become resistant to these enzymes. When you use Candex™ there is no die-off or Herxheimer reaction, therefore, you don’t have to feel worse before you feel better.

Candex™ has been clinically proven to be safe and effective (see information on clinical study below).

Candex™ Benefits

  • Fast Candida Relief
  • Yeast Management Formula
  • No Die Off Reaction
  • Reduced Food Cravings
  • Improved Energy Levels
  • Natural Enzyme Formula
  • 100% Risk Free 90-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • GMO Free, Sugar Free, Soy Free, Yeast Free, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Nut Free, Shellfish Free, Vegetarian
  • Made in USA in cGMP Certified Facility

    How Much Enzyme Activity Is Needed?

    To successfully manage Candida 200,000 daily units of cellulase (CU) and hemicellulase (HCU) are needed. Protease and other enzymes are not necessary in a therapeutic candida product as they may aggravate certain issues which are common among Candida victims.

    Are There Side Effects?

    While die-off reactions do not occur with Candex™, approximately one percent of users experience some nausea, “burning” in the stomach, or abdominal cramping as they are sensitive to the enzymes in Candex™.

    To avoid or minimize any issues, you may start with a lower dose using as little as one fourth of a capsule on day one, a one half capsule on day two, and a whole capsule on day three. Increasing incrementally to two capsules each morning and night. If problems still persist, discontinue using Candex™.   Always use Candex™ on an empty stomach with at least eight ounces of water.

    Have Clinical Studies Been Done on Candex™?

    Laboratory studies show that Candex™ inhibits the growth of Candida in vitro. A clinical study of 52 patients showed that Candex™ is safe, effective, well-tolerated, and causes no significant side effects. The physicians who conducted this study concluded “Candex™ should be the first choice for treatment of enteric Candida in our patient population.” Candex™ is recommended by physicians, nurses, natural health practitioners, health clinics, and health food retailers throughout the country.

    Can Children Use Candex™?

    Candex™ is safe for children. One capsule may be used daily for each 40 pounds of body weight.

    Should Probiotics Be Used With Candex™?

    Candex™ Candida ProbioticsVirtually anyone who has issues with Candida will benefit from a high quality probiotic supplement.  We have specifically formulated our PureBiotics™ Maxima ™ formula for this purpose. It supplies 100 billion active cell cultures in each day’s use to rebuild probiotic populations as quickly as possible.  If you prefer a lower potency, we suggest PureBiotics™ Restore™, or, if you have frequent vaginal yeast infections, PureBiotics™ for Women™ would be your optimal choice.  Each of these formula provides a wide variety of strains that are most beneficial for human health, and are guaranteed to meet label potency even at the time of expiration (we recommend storage in a cool dark place preferably the refrigerator for maximum life). 

    How Long Should Candex™ Be Used?

    The suggested dosage of four capsules of Candex™ per day (two in the morning and two at night) normally produces significant improvement in one to four weeks. How long you will need to take Candex™ to see maximum benefit depends on the starting level of your yeast overgrowth, immune strength, dietary habits, etc.*

    Most people are able to take the full dosage but if you find Candex™ is hard on your stomach see notes above about titration dosing.

    Once you are feeling your best again, you can reduce usage from four capsules per day down to three. After a week, cut back to two. A week after that, cut back to one. If, at any time you notice any signs of regression as you cut back, resume four per day for another month, and then try cutting back again. While many people completely stop using Candex™, others need one or two capsules per day for maintenance.

    Is It Possible To Be Completely Yeast Free?

    It is not possible to be 100% free of Candida. It is always around and it is always getting into your body. Your goal should be to keep populations beneath levels that cause problems.

    Must the “Candida Diet” Be Followed?

    While some find that Candex™ permits them to eat foods that are not allowed in normal Candida diets, this is not recommended. You are using Candex™ to reduce yeast populations. Eating foods that feed yeast may lengthen the time you’ll need to use it.*

    Foods to avoid or reduce in your diet include:

    • Processed Meats: Hot dogs, sausage, bacon, bologna, etc.
    • All Forms of Sugar: Sucrose, dextrose, glucose, fructose, corn syrup, rice syrup, maple syrup, honey, molasses, barley malt, etc.
    • All Flour Products: Bread, bagels, tortillas, pasta, cookies, cakes, pies, etc.
    • Vinegar Containing Foods: Mustard, mayonnaise, etc.
    • Fermented Foods: Sauerkraut, cheeses, soy sauce, etc.
    • Beverages: Sodas, caffeine, alcohol.

      Candida Diet Foods to Eat Include:

      • Chicken
      • Fish
      • All low sugar vegetables
      • For sweetening, use Stevia, or luohan guo (monkfruit)

         LifeEssence™ & EnergyPlus™

        If you have a problem with Candida, you probably lack energy. If you are serious about overcoming it, you probably don’t eat much fruit, which means you’re missing many of the phytonutrients you need to stay energized.  As the world’s most energetic, phytonutrient rich multiple, LifeEssence™ is an ideal multiple for those with Candida problems.

        If you can’t use a multiple because you’re allergic to specific vitamins or minerals or if you already use a multiple and don’t want to change, consider EnergyPlus™ taken in addition. It is the world’s most remarkable energy supplement and contains a wider variety of phytonutrients than any comparable  product. It contains no stimulants. Instead, it works by supporting the body’s own energy production process.

        February 15, 2017


        Pure Essence said:

        Hi Tamara,
        Candex™ is an amazing blend of enzymes that digest the carbohydrates that make up the cell walls of the yeast. Without the cell wall, the yeast can not survive. If you do not take it on an empty stomach, those enzymes will focus on digesting the carbohydrates that you eat instead of the ones that make up the cell walls of the yeast. If for some reason you can’t take it apart from meals, use it with meals that contain the least carbohydrates – fruits, vegetables, grains, seeds, and nuts.*

        Tamara said:

        Can you provide the science behind taking Candex on an empty stomach? References would be great. I really want to understand the mechanism of action here and why the empty stomach is so important.

        Pure Essence said:

        Yes, Candex™ can be taken first thing in the morning. In fact, that is one of the best times to take it. You want to make sure that you take Candex™ on an empty stomach – at least one hour before eating or two hours after eating – along with 8 ounces of water.

        Jessica said:

        Can I take candex on waking? Or should I eat first then wait an hour? I am at risk of forgetting as my day gets started!

        Pure Essence said:

        In most cases, Candex™ will not interfere with prescription medication and other supplements. The main ingredients in Candex™ are cellulase, hemicellulase, and beta-glucanase. A small number of medications are delivered in cellulosic delivery systems. If you use Candex™ with one of those drugs, it could speed up the release of the drug. The most common drugs with the cellulose delivery system are thyroid medications. It is wise to ask your pharmacist if any medications you use include a cellulosic delivery system. If they do, take Candex™ at least four hours before or after you take the drug.*

        Valentina Di Stefano said:

        Please can I know if it’s possible to take Candex while taking also serrapeptase? Thank you so much

        Pure Essence said:

        Hi Elizabeth,
        That’s a great question. No, you do not need to use a binder to help remove the dead candida while taking Candex™. Your body will remove the dead candida through its natural detoxification process.

        Elizabeth said:

        Is it necessary to take a binder (like activated charcoal, clay, Apple pectin, etc) while taking Candex?

        Pure Essence said:

        Lauren: Though constipation (fewer than three bowel movements a week; stools that are hard, dry, or lumpy; stools that are difficult or painful to pass; or a feeling that not all stool has passed) is not a common side affect, it is possible that the enzymes in Candex™ can affect the size of the stools which might be what you are experiencing.

        If you are not taking them on an empty stomach (at least one hour before eating or two hours after eating) and even if you do but your body hasn’t digested your food yet, the enzymes in Candex™ break foods down more thoroughly such that more of the food is absorbed into the body and not passed out as feces. Also, the matter which is passed can be considerably less in amount and more rounded, about marble-sized.*

        It is important when taking Candex™ to include plenty of water and fiber in the diet. This helps maintain bulk in the stools for easier passage.

        Lauren said:

        Hi, I have been taking candex 1 in am and 1 in pm for about 3 weeks now. I have noticed I have been pretty constipated. Is this a side effect of candex? Thanks!

        Pure Essence said:

        Bree – Candex™ works best when taken on an empty stomach – at least one hour before eating, or two hours after eating.

        Bree said:

        How soon before and after Candex should I eat? Trying to figure out where in my daily schedule to fit it.

        Pure Essence said:

        Eileen JOHNSON – You’ll know it is working for him when his current symptoms start to subside. Those who use Candex™ report beginning to feel more like their old selves within 10-30 days. However, the time you need to use it for maximum benefit depends on a multitude of factors: the degree of overgrowth you’re dealing with, how effectively your personal immune system deals with it, your personal levels of healthy, probiotic gut bacteria, dietary regimen, medications, and hormonal therapies one might be using, etc. *

        Pure Essence said:

        JG – We suggest that you discuss taking Candex™ with your doctor before taking it with your antibiotic.

        JG said:

        Can you take Candex with an antibiotic?

        Eileen JOHNSON said:

        Have a son who is 54 years old with Downs syndrome. He has serious IBS and was tested and found to have heavy concentration of yeast in his gut. He has been on Candex now for about 2 weeks. He is now taking 1 mid morning and 1 mid afternoon. He has had two bouts with diarreah.
        Question is how will I know if this product is working for him. What should I be looking for?

        Pure Essence Labs said:

        Khyati Patel,

        Yes the rash should subside gradually, You may want to open a capsule and apply the content topically. If you have any negative symptoms cease treatment and ask your healthcare provider.
        Kind regards PE

        Khyati Patel said:

        I am taking Candex for 4 days now. I have fungal infection on my behind and still get a lot of big patchy itch. how would I know if it is getting better…..will the itch gradually stop?

        Pure Essence Labs said:

        Dear Emily,

        We feel that Candex™ is safe for use in both pregnancy and breastfeeding women. It should not have any impact on milk production. We do, however, always suggest that customers ask their health care practitioner if this product would be appropriate for them during their pregnancy and breastfeeding.   You can always start with a smaller dose very like a quarter capsule in water once per day, if you are concerned about any symptoms or reactions.  Most pregnant women do not experience any kind of unpleasant symptoms whatsoever while taking Candex™ because of the way it works.  Our product only contains natural, vegetarian enzymes and does not contain herbs that could be dangerous to a developing fetus or infant.  The enzymes in this product are either normally produced in our bodies or are present in fibrous vegetable foods.

        Please do not hesitate to contact us on Facebook or via phone 1 888 254 8000

        Kind regards

        Emily said:

        Is this product safe when breastfeeding? Will it affect milk supply?

        Pure Essence Labs said:

        Dear Sheryl M, What wonderful feedback – Thank you. Sorry to hear about the occasional nausea but we hope this was resolved by lowering the dosage, you can go down to as little as 1/4 of a capsule when necessary. We have also heard of some people who take Candex with food – one recipe included sprinkling it on top of avocado soup.

        It is also advantageous to take a probiotic like PureBiotics™ Restore at the same time although we would suggest taking them at different time. Read this article for more

        Please feel free to contact us again here or on our Facebook or normal customer service 1 888 254 8000 if you need further information.

        We apologize that it has taken so long to responds but it seems notifications for posts were not visible.

        Pure Essence Labs said:

        Dear Sheryl M, What wonderful feedback – Thank you. Sorry to hear about the occasional nausea but we hope this was resolved by lowering the dosage, you can go down to as little as 1/4 of a capsule when necessary. We have also heard of some people who take Candex with food – one recipe included sprinkling it on top of avocado soup.

        It is also advantageous to take a probiotic like PureBiotics™ Restore at the same time although we would suggest taking them at different time. Read this article for more

        Please feel free to contact us again here or on our Facebook or normal customer service 1 888 254 8000 if you need further information.

        We apologize that it has taken so long to responds but it seems notifications for posts were not visible.

        Pure Essence Labs said:


        We hope these help, please let us know. We would also highly recommend our EnergyPlus™ an award winning (3 x Vity Award winner including 2017) combination of Super Foods and Superior Herbs which provides clean, clear energy you’ll enjoy for hours with none of the jittery feeling. All with zero caffeine, zero stimulants and zero added sugar.

        Anonymous said:

        Hello J,

        There is no reason we know of that Candex cannot be used in conjunction with prescription anti-fungals. As always, when using prescription drugs, it is wise to check with your healthcare provider before combining it with any supplement. However, Candex is simply a group of vegan enzymes. If using both, we would suggest taking them four hours apart.

        Best Regards

        J said:

        Is it safe, possible or condoned to be taking the Candex when you have taken or still have the prescribed drug/antibiotic Fluconazole operating in conjunction with it?

        Sheryl M said:

        Thank you for mentioning the potential side effects, including nausea. That is exactly the info I came here to research. I have taken several rounds of Candex over the last 5 years with good results but am experiencing nausea this time and wondered if it was possibly related. I will reduce to one capsule instead of two each dose. Hopefully that will reduce the problem while still being effective. I am grateful for this excellent product and particularly for what it does NOT contain, such as citric acid, starches, glycerin or other wheat and corn derivatives, which I react to.

        Bill said:

        Omg im so tired all the time. I will try these

        Pure Essence Labs said:

        Our apologies for not responding sooner, but this is a new blog and we are still catching up. Thank you for taking the time to comment and we appreciate the feedback. And, yes, the writer is awesome.

        Cybil Cheel-Caldwell said:

        Once again this writer has done you proud. You have never responded to my previous comments so I can only assume you really don’t bloody care what you potential customers think. This writer does her research well and lays out facts and specifics that sell your products.

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