What are Phytochemicals?

For decades, the spotlight has been on the vitamins and minerals in fruits and vegetables as the main contributors to their health-promoting properties. But recent scientific breakthroughs have shifted our focus towards a groundbreaking discovery: Phytochemicals. These nutrients have emerged as the unsung heroes in our diet, offering protection and health benefits far beyond what vitamins and minerals alone can provide.

Why Phytochemicals Stand Out

Phytochemicals are not just another nutrient; they represent a class of compounds that are the backbone of what makes fruits and vegetables so beneficial. These compounds are incredibly potent and play a crucial role in promoting health and preventing diseases.

A Call to Action for Healthier Eating Habits

Given the unmatched benefits of phytochemicals, health experts now recommend incorporating nine to 13 servings of fruits and vegetables into our daily diet. However, it's important to note that not all phytochemicals are found in the foods we commonly consume. Many of the most powerful and beneficial phytochemicals are found in specialized sources, such as SuperFoods and Superior Herbs, which are often overlooked in a typical diet.

Our Commitment to Your Health

At Pure Essence, we understand the vital importance of phytochemicals. That's why our products are designed to fill the gap in your diet, providing you with the essential phytochemicals that are hard to obtain from table foods alone. With our focus on SuperFoods and Superior Herbs, we're committed to bringing the extraordinary benefits of phytochemicals directly to you, ensuring that your path to health is both easy and effective.


Superfoods are far more than typical foods; they are nutritional powerhouses that bring a wide range of health benefits. Beyond just giving you energy, they offer complete proteins that your body can easily use, along with a full spectrum of important nutrients. These include natural vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential salts, trace elements, color-giving compounds (carotenoids), and natural enzymes. This makes them a key part of a healthy diet.

Spirulina – A source of protein, and the only known vegetarian premade glycogen and vitamin B12. One nutrient it contains is called phycocyanin. It is a phytochemical being studied for countless health benefits.

North Atlantic Kelp, Oat Grass Juice, Chlorella – A source of chlorella and countless naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. Literally packed with energy.

Superior Herbs

For centuries, Superior Herbs have held a pivotal role in traditional healing practices, boasting a history that spans over 4,000 years. Recognized as some of the earliest forms of dietary supplements, these herbs have stood the test of time, offering unmatched nutritional and therapeutic benefits.

Nature's Phytochemical Treasures - What sets Superior Herbs apart are their unparalleled concentrations of phytochemicals β€” unique compounds not found in any other plants. These complex phytochemicals, nurtured by the earth and energized by the sun, equip Superior Herbs with the natural power to support, rejuvenate, or improve the functioning of vital organ systems, showcasing the remarkable strength of nature's efficacy. This remarkable trait underscores their role as holistic boosters of bodily health and well-being.

Designed for Daily Use - Unlike traditional medicinal herbs, which may produce intense, directional effects on the body's systems, Superior Herbs are crafted for safe, daily consumption. They do not exert forceful actions on the body; instead, they work by nurturing and sustaining health through the restoration and support of cellular function. This gentle, yet effective approach makes them an ideal choice for anyone looking to maintain or improve their health naturally.


Every holistic system of health care acknowledges the existence of premade energies that living things pass on to each other. Superior Herbs are the world’s richest sources of these energies. These energies not only fuel daily function but stimulate deep rejuvenation and serve as vital energy reservoirs for times when the body needs it most.


Because each Superior Herb includes different sets of phytochemicals, each is most appropriate for supporting specific organ systems. By combining them correctly, we can support one particular system, any group of systems, or the body as whole.


Among other things, Superior Herbs strengthen the Spleen System, the Lung System and the Blood. According to holistic thought, this helps the body extract more energy from the foods we eat and the air we breathe and deliver these factors more efficiently to cells throughout the body.