What are Phytochemicals?

It is well known that fruits and vegetables promote health more than any other foods. For many years, it was thought that this protection stemmed from the vitamins and minerals these foods contain. Science has now documented, however, that a class of nutrients, called phytochemicals, are the real heroes.

Because phytochemicals are perhaps the most profound of all nutrient classes, health practitioners suggest that all Americans consume from nine to 13 different servings of fruits and vegetables each day. Many of the most beneficial phytochemicals are not found in table foods at all, but in SuperFoods and Superior Herbs.


In addition to their completely digestible proteins, these foods are sources of whole food vitamins, minerals, amino acids, tissue salts, trace elements, carotenoids, pigments and enzymes. These foods include:

Spirulina – A source of protein, and the only known vegetarian premade glycogen and vitamin B12. One nutrient it contains is called phycocyanin. It is a phytochemical being studied for countless health benefits.

North Atlantic Kelp, Oat Grass Juice, Chlorella – A source of chlorella and countless naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. Literally packed with energy.

Superior Herbs

Superior Herbs have been used in holistic medical systems for over 4000 years. They are the world’s oldest – and likely its best – dietary supplements.

Phytochemical Powerhouses – Superior Herbs have thousands of phytochemical complexes that exist in no other plants on earth. These phytochemicals help them to strengthen, invigorate or promote normal function to at least one major organ system.

Safe for Daily Use – Because medicinal herbs force the body to move in one direction or another, they are inappropriate for daily use. Superior Herbs have no such “forcing” actions. They simply build health or maintain health by restoring or ensuring appropriate cellular function.


Every holistic system of health care acknowledges the existence of premade energies that living things pass on to each other. Superior Herbs are the world’s richest sources of these energies. These energies not only fuel daily function but stimulate deep rejuvenation and serve as vital energy reservoirs for times when the body needs it most.


Because each Superior Herb includes different sets of phytochemicals, each is most appropriate for supporting specific organ systems. By combining them correctly, we can support one particular system, any group of systems, or the body as whole.


Among other things, Superior Herbs strengthen the Spleen System, the Lung System and the Blood. According to holistic thought, this helps the body extract more energy from the foods we eat and the air we breathe and deliver these factors more efficiently to cells throughout the body.