Who We Are

Pure Holistic Health

We believe that one should always strive to be whole. That is why our mission centers around providing superior, efficacious, and safe dietary supplements for your health, while also preserving the health of our planet. We strive to be truly holistic- in health care and lifestyle; but to us this is not possible without relating to our employees, suppliers, retailers, and you, as partners. Only together can we traverse the path to complete harmony and wholeness.

โ€œDo what you love, and youโ€™ll never have to work a dayโ€

In the mid-nineties Jery Cochern, our founder and President of Research & Development, was on a quest for a natural cure for cancer. It was on this journey he found a love and appreciation for eastern disciplines. Inspired to combine superior herbs with modern supplements, Pure Essence was established with a mission to deliver health and wellness from within.

It Starts Within

We take your health very seriously. Our dedication to providing you with an exceptional line of support is what drives us to take particular care with the ingredients we use. Because we are truly holistic, every ingredient, test, process, etc., is held to the highest standard. It is because we insist on having these standards, that our unique blends can increase your quality of living.

Our Not-So-Secret, Secret Ingredients

Our blends are enriched with phytochemicals, elevating their holistic appeal by offering more than just symptom reliefโ€”they target the root cause of health issues. Traditionally, vitamins and minerals have been the cornerstone of supplements, paralleling the age-old advice to consume fruits and vegetables. However, the true essence of this wisdom lies in the phytochemicals unique to plant-based sources. These compounds are fundamental to our health, providing a range of benefits that genuinely impact our well-being. By incorporating phytochemicals, our products bridge the gap between mere nutritional support and a comprehensive approach to health.

Embrace your Harmony

Inspired by the synergistic harmony that comes with the balance of eastern and western traditions, our products are true holistic blends. From our daily supplements, to our favorite Fizzy powders, each blend is designed to help you rejuvenate and maintain your health in every stage of your life. We have what you need to help seize the day.