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Longevity™ Women

Longevity™ Women is a complete nutritional solution that delivers optimal potencies of vitamins and minerals with a powerful blend ofenergizing SuperFoods, adaptogens and Superior Herbs. It also adds trace minerals, mushrooms, fruit extracts, antioxidants and co-nutrients. Its whole food equivalent (amount of extract times extract ratio) of 30,400 mg is up to 100 times more than other leading brands – creating a difference you’ll actually feel from day one.* 



Great supplements start with quality ingredients. At Pure Essence, we certify the purity, potency and integrity of all of our ingredients.


Contains isoflavones or plant estrogens to gently support a woman’s hormonal balance.*


Promotes the absorption of calcium into bones and inhibits bone breakdown.*


Reduces inflammation, speeds wound healing, reduces muscle spasms, and serves as a mild sedative to help with sleep.*


Rich in vitamins and minerals, it helps stimulate fertility, reduce inflammation, and relieves premenstrual symptoms.*


Referred to as female ginseng in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and highly regarded for its ability to help sooth menstrual cramps and reduce hot flashes.*


A powerful Superior Herb that has been used in China for centuries due to its many healing properties.*


Helps balance the body’s levels of estrogen and progesterone which help reduce the effects of PMS.*


Protects against harmful blue light. Improve and prevent macular degeneration. The best known and studied of all vision nutrients.*


A carotenoid and powerful antioxidant that is associated with decreased risk of prostate cancer.*


Contains high levels of polysaccharides that can accelerate the natural killer cells’ activity, support cellular health, and modulate the body’s immune response.*


Contains a high amount of silymarin which has antioxidant, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties.*


A true SuperFood and the world’s richest source of phycocyanin. It nourishes the entire body and supports healthy immune, stress and inflammatory responses.*


A potent adaptogen and major immune and energy tonic. It nourishes the Spleen, Lung Systems and Blood and supports healthy immune and stress response, and energy levels.*


A true SuperFood and the world’s richest source of chlorophyll. It nourishes the entire body and supports healthy immune, stress and inflammatory responses.*

How to Use

Take 4 tablets once daily with or without food. May be taken in divided doses.

Do I Need A Multivitamin?

Every second, the cells in your body conduct trillions of biochemical reactions. Health is the reflection of how efficiently these reactions occur. Experts agree that we might not get enough of the vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals we need for optimal health. Multiples are the best way to make up the difference.

What Are Phytochemicals?

Phytochemicals are the recently discovered nutrients that make plant foods so healthy. Because they exist only in plants, they are harder than vitamins and minerals to get from foods. Since a multiple’s purpose is to provide nutrients you need but don’t get enough of from foods, every multiple should include them.

Which Phytochemicals Are Best?

The world’s most profound phytochemicals come from plants called Adaptogens and Superior Herbs. They support every life process, nourish every organ and gland, protect every cell and have been used for centuries by the world’s great holistic systems to promote energy, vitality and longevity. 

What About Fruits and Vegetables?

Fruits and veggies are great, but multiples can’t supply even a small fraction of the amounts you need. They can, however, deliver meaningful doses of Adaptogens and Superior Herbs. Because Longevity™ Women provides vastly more of these than other multi’s, you’ll feel the difference at once!!!*

Aging & Antioxidants

Aging is caused by “oxidative stress,” much of which occurs when “free radicals” collide with cells. Antioxidants are factors that prevent these collisions by returning free radicals to their stable states. By protecting cells throughout the body, they help keep your blood vessels clean, your vision clear, your brain sharp, your energy levels high, and every biological function strong. Because free radical damage contributes to countless kinds of degenerative disease, antioxidants are GOOD NEWS for everyone.

Several vitamins and minerals serve as antioxidants. Longevity™ Women provides these along with the complete range of tocopherols, which complement the antioxidant values of vitamin E. It is also formulated with N-Acetyl Cysteine, which the body converts to its most important antioxidant, glutathione.*

Immune Support

Unfortunately, the modern diet provides only minute levels of most of the saccharides we need for healthy immune function. To counter this, Longevity™ Women provides six medicinal mushrooms, a 200:1 concentrate of aloe vera, and fucoidan rich seaweed. Together, these substances provide the mono and polysaccharide factors you need to support efficient immune response.*

Longevity™ Women

Longevity™ Women is also formulated with dong quai, kudzu root, longan berries, and lovage root to building strong blood and bones, support libido, breast health, and hormone balance, and increase energy levels, as well as codonopsis and atractylodes to support strong digestion and help insure that all nutrients are well absorbed.*

Careful ingredient sourcing and using the right tests to ensure safety and quality are a priority for us. Here are our lab results for the current batch of Longevity™ Women.

Microbial Testing


Heavy Metal Testing


Identity Testing


Potency Testing 




Customer Reviews

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Amanda L
Worth it

My nails are so long and strong. Great all around for perimenopausal symptoms.

I love these vitamins

I think these are the best ones in it's kind.

These Vitamins are Amazing!

I'm surprised there aren't more reviews for this product. These vitamins are amazing! I've tried many different brands and I've found that these are by far the best for my body. They've made a huge difference in my energy level and overwell feeling of well being. I'd highly recommend these vitamins for anyone looking for a solid multiple vitamin. Don't let the dosage of four a day get to you. I quickly got over this once I experienced the vitamins' benefits. Best

Easy to take

I like them.

Lenora W.

Feeling much better. I am recovering from Mohs surgery for squamous skin cancer on my face. It is healing by noticeablesteps after taking this along with a Vitamin C pill. I am hooked on this vitamin. Am 82 years young and eat a careful Keto diet. Thanks so much for prompt delivery!!