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A blend of clinically studied eggshell membrane (NEM®) - shown to improve joint complaints in as little as 7 to 10 days, AprèsFLEX® boswellia extract - promotes healthy inflammatory processes, boron – supports bone and joint health, and herbs to create a synergy that no other joint support product can match.* Together these ingredients support:

  • Joint health*
  • Range of motion*
  • Healthy inflammation response*


Great supplements start with quality ingredients. At Pure Essence, we certify the purity, potency and integrity of all of our ingredients.


Has been shown to provide joint benefits faster than any other joint health supplement. It works by supporting the body’s natural anti-inflammatory processes and providing the building blocks to repair cartilage.*


A highly absorbable form of boswellia extract. It has been shown to reduce inflammation and joint and arthritis pain.*


Proven to support bone density and reduce osteoarthritis symptoms caused by inflammation.*


Has been used for centuries to support the lower back, knees, tendons, ligaments, and bones. It also helps build strong blood.*


An absolute superstar of the Superior Herbal System, it is used to support the entire skeletal structure, but most particularly the lower back, the knees, and the ankles.*

How to Use

Take 2 capsules daily with or without food.

Joint Health

Physical activity is essential for abundant health. Yet for 60 million Americans, physical activity is limited by joint pain or stiffness.

While many drugs address joint challenges, they bring undesirable side effects and can actually cause further joint degeneration. For maximum joint support and to build the best health possible, you need a joint supplement that not only addresses the symptoms but also builds the long-term energy to keep your organ systems strong.

The Holistic Perspective

Western science holds that joint challenges stem from the degradation of cartilage and extreme inflammation that occur due to injury, autoimmune issues, and the natural aging process. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) says joint problems originate in the Kidney System, the Liver System and the blood. 

If we ignore holistic thought and provide nothing but building blocks for cartilage and agents that discourage inflammation it does nothing to rebuild strength in the Kidney System, the Liver System and the blood. If these systems are not strengthened, they will weaken further, which gives rise to additional problems, many of which are far worse than joint pain or stiffness.


Recently, a great deal of excitement has been generated by three new joint health ingredients. Clinical studies have shown that these ingredients provide the kind of support that gets people “back in motion” more quickly than other supplements. These ingredients are natural eggshell membrane (NEM®), AprèsFLEX® Boswellia extract, and boron.*

JointEssence™ combines all three – in the exact amounts used in the studies – and includes Superior Herbs to support the underlying balance in the Kidney System, the Liver System and the blood that are required for optimal joint health. The result is the most profound, fastest-acting joint supplement ever offered.*

Careful ingredient sourcing and using the right tests to ensure safety and quality are a priority for us. Here are our lab results for the current batch of JointEssence™.

Microbial Testing


Heavy Metal Testing


Identity Testing


Potency Testing 




Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Glad I tried it - a winner!

This really works! Joints moving smoothly as they should. No more erratic walking.

Ron A.
A supplement worth trying

I have always had mixed feelings about supplements and their effectiveness. But I do believe these help my joints and I plan to continue to take them.

Baby boy
I purchase this product for my wife three weeks ago ...

I purchase this product for my wife three weeks ago. She has less pain and now only takes one pain pill a day not two.

see beautiful colors as energy work and off to work with ...

works for this body. jump out of bed. see beautiful colors as energy work and off to work with no pain..