Epimedium sagittatum (Horny goat weed)

Epimedium sagittatum

Part Used

Aeriae parts

Country of Origin


What is Epimedium Sagittatum for?

Epimedium, also known as horny goat weed, was allegedly discovered when a Chinese goatherd noticed increased sexual activity among his flock after they ate the plant. This legend points to the apparent sexual potency of horny goat weed, and its honored place in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for over 2,000 years. The plant contains chemical compounds known as phytoestrogens, which is believed to be the main reasons for its numerous health benefits.

Traditional Health Benefits of Epimedium Sagittatum

  • Restores sexual desire

  • Boosts erectile function

  • Improves circulation

  • Sharpens the memory

  • Boosts energy

  • Helps alleviate PMS symptoms

  • Alleviates menopausal discomfort

  • Helps prevent bone loss


  • Artificial Coloring Free

  • Artificial Flavoring Free

  • GMO Free

  • Sugar Free

  • Soy Free

  • Yeast Free

  • Dairy Free

  • Corn Free
  • Gluten Free

  • Wheat Free

  • Nut Free

  • MSG Free

  • Egg Free

  • Fish Free

  • Peanut Free

  • Shellfish Free

  • Kosher

  • Organic


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