Because Keto diets contain far more fat than other plans, they require more fat digesting enzymes. Real-Zymes™ KETO is the world’s first enzyme supplement built to digest Keto meals. It delivers:

  • 10,500 FIP’s of fat digesting power
  • 18 other enzymes for proteins and carbs
  • Quicker, more complete digestion*
  • Better nutrient absorption*
  • Reduced digestive distress*

Because vegan diets contain more carbohydrates than other plans, they require more carbohydrate digesting enzymes. Real-Zymes™ VEGAN is the world’s first enzyme supplement built to digest vegan meals. It delivers:

  • 13 different carbohydrate and fiber digesting enzymes
  • 9 other enzymes for proteins and fat
  • Quicker, more complete digestion*
  • Better nutrient absorption*
  • Reduced digestive distress*
  • FAQs

How Digestive Enzymes Work

Digestion reduces proteins, fats and carbs into smaller molecules your body can use. Enzymes are its tools. However, enzymes are specialists. Those that digest proteins digest only proteins, those that digest carbs digest only carbs; those that digest fats digest only fats.

When you eat, your body senses how much protein, fat and carbs are in your meal and makes an enzyme blend that is perfect for its digestion. As we age, we make fewer enzymes, which slows digestion and causes unpleasant symptoms. Enzyme supplements restore digestive power, but how much they help depends on how they’re made.

Your Personalized Enzyme Solutions

For over 50 years, enzyme supplements have been “one-size-fits-all.” This makes sense only if we all eat the same meal. However, we follow many eating plans. Fortunately, by applying our proprietary enzyme activity algorithm to several different eating profiles, we’ve perfected the world’s first personalized digestive enzyme supplements. This means that you can now enjoy an enzyme supplement built specifically for the foods you actually eat. They are called Real-Zymes™, and one is perfect for you.*

Real-Zymes™ VEGAN

Real-Zymes™ VEGAN is the world’s first digestive enzyme product designed specifically for vegan meals. As such, it puts its enzyme power where you need it most. It even includes lactase in case some dairy accidentally slips in to your meal. If you eat a vegan diet, Real-Zymes™ VEGAN will outperform any other enzyme supplement, or your money back.*

You’ll digest any diet with high carbohydrates better with Real-Zymes™ VEGAN!* 

Take 1 capsule 10-15 minutes before each meal.

Careful ingredient sourcing and using the right tests to ensure safety and quality are a priority for us. Here are our lab results for the current batch of Real-Zymes™ VEGAN.

Microbial Testing


Heavy Metal Testing


Identity Testing


Potency Testing 


How long before a meal should I take Real-Zymes™ VEGAN?

The goal of taking digestive enzymes is for the enzymes to be ready to work when food hits the stomach. Since the capsules take a few minutes to dissolve, the best practice is to take them 15 to 30 minutes before eating. However, most people get great results even if they take them when sitting down at the table. It’s also worthwhile to take them during or after a meal if you forget to take them before.*

What makes Real-Zymes™ VEGAN different from other digestive enzymes products?

Most digestive enzyme products out there are “one size fits all,” which means that they are not diet specific. Enzymes are extremely specialized. Those that digest proteins digest only proteins, those that digest fats digest only fats, and those that digest carbohydrates digest only carbohydrates. This means that any enzyme formula will digest certain meals better than others.

Knowing this, it is apparent that your enzyme supplement should reflect the meals you eat. For instance, if you eat a Keto type of diet, your meals are extremely high in fat, moderate in protein, and very low in carbs, and you'll need lots of fat-digesting enzymes, moderate levels of protein digesters, but minimal levels of those that digest carbs.

Our Real-Zymes™ formulas provide special enzyme blends for those who follow Keto, Vegan (plant-based foods with no dairy), Vegetarian (mostly plant-based but with dairy and perhaps occasional fish or fowl), and Omnivore (for those who follow no particular diet). Because they are designed especially for your specific diet plan, they’ll easily outperform others.*

What is the source of the bromelain used in Real-Zymes™ VEGAN?

The bromelain used in Real-Zymes™ … is sourced from pineapple.

How quickly will I notice results after taking Real-Zymes™ VEGAN?

After taking Real-Zymes™ …, most people showing signs of problems with digestion (gas, bloating, etc.) will usually see immediate results. People having problems with bowel movements will usually see improvement in one to two weeks. While many people will see increased energy within a couple of weeks to a month.*

Will Real-Zymes™ VEGAN interfere with my medication?

If you take regular medications, we strongly suggest that you consult your physician before taking Real-Zymes™ …. Those taking blood thinners or steroidal medications may need their medications reduced due to the enzymes' ability to remove the unneeded accumulations in the bloodstream. Real-Zymes™ … may also hasten the release of certain, time-released meds by digesting the cellulose in their delivery systems.

Will Real-Zymes™ VEGAN help me control my weight?

Yes! Real-Zymes™ … contains lipase which digests fats and also helps you burn fat for energy. Most people that are overweight have low levels of lipase in the body.*