HolisticAbout PEL

The Pure Essence Mission - East Meets West

Pure Essence Labs was founded to offer high quality, safe and effective dietary supplement formulas to benefit human health, while demonstrating a firm commitment to planetary ecology. We strive to promote not only holistic health care, but holistic lifestyle. In our opinion, true holism means relating to our employees, suppliers, retailers and customers as partners along the path. In short, we see every aspect of business as extensions of ourselves.

Our products are formulated with an ideal balance of East meets West working in synergistic harmony. They are true Holistic Health Systems that support your body in achieving and maintaining optimum health. We often blend Traditional Chinese Medicine concepts and herbs with modern vitamin knowledge, which we believe offers a thoughtful and well-informed approach to supporting good health.

The Concept

In every moment of every day, our cells are conducting more than a million different types of biochemical actions. Health is the reflection of how well these cells are working.

To function efficiently, cells require a vast array of nutrients. In a perfect world, these nutrients would come from foods, but in today’s world that’s harder than it sounds. With busy lifestyles it’s not always possible to eat high quality food prepared fresh.

Supplements that meet our holistic criteria are those with whole food value. Why do we make our products this way? Because Nature is the model by which we build and maintain superior health.

To be completely honest, there are many good supplements out there but we believe ours to be exceptional. We make them for our families, and share them with yours.

The Formulas

Vitamins and Minerals
Many companies promote their vitamins and minerals as being in “whole food” form. However, often what they mean is synthetic vitamins or rock-based minerals fermented with yeast and soy. We take a different approach by using natural USP vitamins and minerals and then support them with SuperFoods, Superior Herbs, and phytochemicals.

We include many SuperFoods like spirulina, chlorella and kelp, that are very dense nutritional sources incorporating phytochemicals that support cellular function throughout the body. The more of them you get, the better off you’ll be.

Superior Herbs
Superior Herbs are phytochemicals that are not generally part of the diet. These phytochemicals protect and support good health while also fine tuning organs, glands, and cells in the body for greater efficiency and better health.