LifeEssence™ Women is a complete nutritional system that delivers vitamins and minerals, organic SuperFoods, adaptogens, Superior Herbs, fruit and vegetable extracts and a potent group of uniquely feminine support factors. These foods and herbs provide countless phytochemicals and the clean, clear energy you need to function at peak levels 24/7. LifeEssence™ Women supports:

  • Immune Health*
  • Vision Health*
  • Cellular Health*
  • Bone Health*

LifeEssence™ Women is a complete nutritional system that delivers vitamins and minerals, organic SuperFoods, adaptogens, Superior Herbs, fruit and vegetable extracts and a potent group of uniquely feminine support factors. These foods and herbs provide countless phytochemicals and the clean, clear energy you need to function at peak levels 24/7. LifeEssence™ Women supports:

  • Immune Health*
  • Vision Health*
  • Cellular Health*
  • Bone Health*
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Do I Need A Multivitamin?

Every second, the cells in your body conduct trillions of biochemical reactions. Health is the reflection of how efficiently these reactions occur. Experts agree that we might not get enough of the vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals we need for optimal health. Multiples are the best way to make up the difference.

What Are Phytochemicals?

Phytochemicals are the recently discovered nutrients that make plant foods so healthy. Because they exist only in plants, they are harder than vitamins and minerals to get from foods. Since a multiple’s purpose is to provide nutrients you need but don’t get enough of from foods, every multiple should include them.

Which Phytochemicals Are Best?

The world’s most profound phytochemicals come from plants called Adaptogens and Superior Herbs. They support every life process, nourish every organ and gland, protect every cell and have been used for centuries by the world’s great holistic systems to promote energy, vitality and longevity. 

What About Fruits and Vegetables?

Fruits and veggies are great, but multiples can’t supply even a small fraction of the amounts you need. They can, however, deliver meaningful doses of Adaptogens and Superior Herbs. Because LifeEssence™ Women provides vastly more of these than other multi’s, you’ll feel the difference at once!!!*

LifeEssence™ Women

LifeEssence™ Women also provides 100 mg of ipriflavone to help build strong bones and 100 mg of calcium D-glucarate and 50 mg of DIM to support breast health by encouraging healthy estrogen metabolism. Its chaste tree, dong quai, white peony and codonopsis help build strong blood and have been used for centuries by holistic practitioners to promote overall hormone balance.*

Take 4 tablets once daily with or without food. May be taken in divided doses.

Careful ingredient sourcing and using the right tests to ensure safety and quality are a priority for us. Here are our lab results for the current batch of LifeEssence™ Women Multivitamin.

Microbial Testing


Heavy Metal Testing


Identity Testing


Potency Testing 


What is the source of the Vitamin D3 cholecalciferol?

As with all our multiples, the source of the vitamin D3 is vegan, whole food lichen.

What is the difference between LifeEssence™, LifeEssence™ Women and LifeEssence™ Men?

LifeEssence™ is a multivitamin and mineral supplement that is good for anyone and suggested especially for those aged 40 and under. Like other gender-specific multiples, LifeEssence™ Women and LifeEssence™ Men provide slightly different amounts of certain nutrients. Unlike others, they also go much farther with LifeEssence™ Women adding uniquely feminine factors for breast health, bone strength, strong blood, and hormone balance, and LifeEssence™ Men adding ingredients for prostate health, virility, and vitality.*

When is the best time to take LifeEssence™?

You may take your LifeEssence™ any time of the day with about 8 oz of water. We suggest that you take LifeEssence™ at the same time every day so that it becomes part of your daily routine. You can also take LifeEssence™ in divided doses - two in the morning and two at either noon or night. Because it is so energizing, those who split doses usually take their second dose in the early afternoon. You may use it with meals, but because it contains so much plant-based whole food value, you can also take it on an empty stomach with none of the “burp back” common with other multi’s.

What are the benefits of taking a multivitamin such as LifeEssence™?

The purpose of multivitamins is to provide the micronutrients you need but may not get enough of from foods. These include vitamins, minerals, co-factors like bioflavonoids and mixed tocopherols, and above all, phytochemicals.

Phytochemicals are nutrients that exist only in plants. They are the reasons we should eat seven or more servings of fruits and vegetables each day. Because few of us come even close to these amounts, these are factors in which we are most lacking.

LifeEssence™ begins by providing ideal potencies, forms, and balances of all essential vitamins, minerals, co-factors, enzymes, antioxidants, etc. However, what really separates it is its vast base (from 12 to 50 times more than other multi’s) of SuperFoods, Superior Herbs, and Adaptogens, all of which deliver the world’s most profound groups of phytochemicals.

These phytochemicals support a healthy stress response, healthy inflammatory response, healthy antioxidant levels, memory, mood and cognizance, robust energy levels…virtually everything you can imagine. It is formulated according to principles established by the world’s great holistic systems to balance mind, body, and spirit and empower the best health your genes allow.*

Is it ok to crush or break up the LifeEssence™ tablets?

Yes, you may crush up or break up the tablets to take it. You may also crush it and blend it into a smoothie or other beverage of your choice.

Is the amount of vitamin A in LifeEssence™ safe to take daily?

In general, vitamin A is a fat-soluble nutrient that protects vision as you age and supports a healthy immune response, bone health, cell growth and function, etc. You can get Vitamin A in your diet as a fully formed vitamin (retinol, palmitate, etc.) from animal sources or as pro-vitamin A carotenoids (beta carotene) from carrots and other plant-based foods.

As reported in the health.harvard.edu newsletter, up to 10,000 IU (900 mcg) of vitamin A from beta carotene is considered safe. Nonetheless, recent research suggests we might not need as much vitamin A as previously thought. We are thereby considering reducing beta carotene levels. You can monitor the labels to see when and if these changes occur.

Is LifeEssence™ safe for teens to take?

LifeEssence™ is acceptable for children 11 years old and older. We believe that one tablet daily with foods or on an empty stomach is more than sufficient. If you choose to give it to your child, they might find it easier to consume the large tablet crushed up and thoroughly blended into a smoothie.*

Is LifeEssence™ safe to take while breastfeeding?

We believe that LifeEssence™ is safe to take while breastfeeding. However, we would strongly encourage you to take our Mother & Child™ product that is specifically designed for mothers recovering from childbirth and breastfeeding their baby.*

What is it in LifeEssence™ that makes urine bright yellow?

Yellow urine is quite normal when taking multivitamins (like LifeEssence™) that contain B-complex vitamins - specifically vitamin B2 (also known as riboflavin). Vitamin B2 is a water-soluble vitamin that cannot be stored in your body and that you must replenish every day. The almost neon yellow colored urine is a sign that your body has absorbed and is excreting Vitamin B2 as nature intended.*

What is the difference between One ‘n’ Only™ Women, LifeEssence™ Women, and Longevity™ Women?

One ‘n’ Only™ Women is for those who desire a highly nutritious, super energizing once-daily multiple with an unparalleled base of whole organic foods, botanicals, antioxidants, phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals, along with feminine support factors in a single tablet.*

However, while One ‘n’ Only™ Women is ultra-potent, we can’t get as much nutrition in one tablet as we can in four. LifeEssence™ Women provides much more vitamin C, adds more calcium, magnesium, and potassium, delivers far more SuperFoods and Superior Herbs, and a far more robust blend of women’s factors.*

Longevity™ Women is our most comprehensive women’s multivitamin formula. We suggest it for women over 50. It is similar to LifeEssence™ Women but has added immune support factors (mushrooms, aloe, and fucoidan), a super-advanced blend of cell-protective antioxidant ingredients and milk thistle for detoxification and liver support, and several carotenoids to support vision health.*



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Great vitamin!

Great vitamins and recommended by an outstanding doctor.

Cherie Z.
Delivered as described

Delivered as described.

The amazing vitamins

Been taking these vitamins for four years now love them

Yvonne W.

Contains all essential ingredients to help keep you healthy.

Actually works

Gives great energy. Not sure how or what ingredients are the cause (no caffeine that I can see)but I've never taken a vitamin that I actually felt a difference. I would skip a day to make sure here and there and sure enough... difference!