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One 'n' Only™ PreNatal

Requiring just one per day for superb gestational support, One ‘n’ Only™ PreNatal is fortified with vast levels of whole food nutrition – the absolute best kind for both you and your baby. Its premium vitamins, minerals, SuperFoods, supportive herbs and other factors provide you with the most complete one-daily prenatal system you’ll find anywhere.* It is blended specifically to:

  • Support comfortable digestion*
  • Promote healthy fetal development*
  • Boost energy levels*
  • Support immunity*


Great supplements start with quality ingredients. At Pure Essence, we certify the purity, potency and integrity of all of our ingredients.


Vitamin D3 is the same form of vitamin D that we receive naturally from the sun. It supports the immune system, bone density, proper calcium absorption, longevity, and healthy blood sugar levels.*


Helps prevent birth defects known as neural tube defects. Needed for healthy growth and development of your baby.*


Helps make extra blood and moves oxygen from your lungs to the rest of your body and your baby's.*


A true SuperFood and the world’s richest source of chlorophyll. It nourishes the entire body and supports healthy immune, stress and inflammatory responses.*


A true SuperFood and the world’s richest source of phycocyanin. It nourishes the entire body and supports healthy immune, stress and inflammatory responses.*


Helps improve digestion and reduces morning sickness.*


A great all-around pregnancy tonic. Supports the health of your kidneys and is rich in vitamins and minerals.*


Rich in vitamins and minerals, it helps tone the uterus, increase milk production, decrease nausea, and ease labor pains.*


Bamboo helps strengthens the fetus’ bones, increase connective tissue and improve overall joint flexibility.*

How to Use

Take 3 tablets once daily with or without food. May be taken in divided doses.

Prenatal Nutrition

During pregnancy, a “Mother to Be” is most certainly eating for two. She needs extra nutrients, but must be careful not to overload tissues in the developing child. Thus, the potencies of vitamins and minerals in prenatal nutrition should be smaller than in general multiples but include a higher levels of whole foods.

One ‘n’ Only™ PreNatal

With 15 to 60 times more whole food value than any other once-daily prenatal product ever offered, One ‘n’ Only™ PreNatal includes 150 mg of spirulina, 140 mg of oat grass juice concentrate, and 20 mg of high ORAC (free radical reduction capacity) fruit concentrates. Approximately 11,300 mg of whole food power is present in each day’s usage. These foods provide instant energy to cells throughout the body at a time a woman needs them most – when they are busy doing the work for two.*

One ‘n’ Only™ PreNatal contains one 600 mcg of folate, 800 IUs of vitamin D3, and 20 mg of iron, all critical nutrients for an expectant mom and her developing child.*

One ‘n’ Only™ PreNatal also provides botanicals that have been used to promote healthy pregnancies for centuries in Europe and the United States – raspberry leaf, red clover, and nettle leaf. Fresh ginger juice is added to improve digestion and help with morning sickness, while chlorella is thought to protect infants from toxins in breast milk. Bamboo leaf (the world’s richest source of organic silica) helps the developing fetus build strong bones.*

As an expecting mother, you don’t want to worry about whether or not your supplements contain ingredients that might harm your fetus or you. And, as long as your supplements are our supplements, you won’t have to, because we do it for you. For the ultimate in prenatal nutrition, step up to One ‘n’ Only™ PreNatal. It is the cleanest, purest, most energetic, and most healthful one-daily prenatal multiple ever offered.*

Careful ingredient sourcing and using the right tests to ensure safety and quality are a priority for us. Here are our lab results for the current batch of One 'n' Only™ PreNatal.

Microbial Testing


Heavy Metal Testing


Identity Testing


Potency Testing 




Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Gentle on your stomach

This vitamin is gentle on your stomach. I like that I can take it on an empty stomach or with food. I also really like that I only need to take one a day.

Good quality supplement

Im not pregnant but I do carry extra pounds and have PCOS and low iron. This has helped tremendously and I notice an increase in energy and mental clarity. I love that I can take it on an empty stomach with no problems!

Great all-around prenatal

My wife has taken these vitamins throughout the course of her pregnancy. I haven't heard any complaints about sickness or stomach harshness. We definitely like the fact that it's a once daily supplement and not 3 times per day like some others. This prenatal also had the amount of vitamins we were looking for especially iodine and iron. Would recommend.

Very potent and good quality

I was told this product was superior to the walmart brand pre natal vitamins. My wife loves this product and she claims to feel great with extra energy.


Best for your baby and body that i have found. Only one a day pill and big! ( but the really hurdle is the smell of the pill). It's still the most well rounded and game changing vitamin during that much needed stage.