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MyPure™ Reishi 4X

MyPure™ Reishi 4X combines 1:1 and 8:1 extracts of certified organic Reishi fruiting bodies to deliver the most potent Reishi nutrition you’ll find. Every batch is lab tested for cleanliness, purity and potency. Reishi supports:

  • Healthy Stress Response*
  • Healthy Immune Function*
  • Concentration & Focus*


Great supplements start with quality ingredients. At Pure Essence, we certify the purity, potency and integrity of all of our ingredients.


An adaptogen high in Beta-D-glucans and Ganoderic acids. It promotes healing, helps sharpen focus and boosts the immune system.*

How to Use

Take 1 capsule daily with or without food.

Reishi – The King of Mushrooms

Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) is the “King of Mushrooms.” As an adaptogen, it helps the body cope with stress, tension, and fatigue and promotes natural body balance. Its main immune enhancing compounds are Beta-D-glucans and Ganoderic acids. These Ganoderic compounds are unique to Reishi and may reduce the release of histamines, support liver function, and serve as antioxidants.

Mood & More!

Holistic health systems have long recommended Reishi to calm the mind, ease tension, sharpen concentration, and build willpower. Traditional Chinese Medicine regards it as one of the few foods/herbs that impart wisdom, and many people report that it promotes a sense of peaceful wellbeing. Herbalists consider Royal Red Reishi and Purple Reishi to be top of the line.

MyPure™ Reishi 4X

MyPure™ Reishi 4X combines our 1:1 and 8:1, 100% non-GMO, certified organic Royal Red Reishi fruiting body mushroom extracts. The 1:1 extract provides rich levels of Beta-D-glucans while the 8:1 extract maximizes Ganoderic acids and other valuable compounds. Each capsule of MyPure™ Reishi 4X provides the equivalent of 2250 total milligrams of raw Reishi powder, or four and a half times more than the 500 mg present in a capsule of our original, MyPure™ Reishi product. It is for those who want the full impact of Reishi nutrition and is the best Reishi value you’ll find.*


For thousands of years, mushrooms have been used by the world’s great holistic traditions for their health benefits. Today, countless Americans use them as supplements. However, most “mushroom” products are not mushrooms at all. They are mycelia. 

Mushrooms are the fruiting bodies of fungi that grow up through the ground. Mycelia are root-like structures that grow underground. Because mycelia that grows in the wild are too fragile to harvest, those in supplements are grown in plastic bags on rice or other grains. As they mature, they become part of the grain. Because they cannot later be separated, what ends up in your capsule is over 50% grain.

Mushroom benefits stem from mushroom nutrition, and mushroom fruiting bodies provide more of it than grain grown mycelia. The fruiting bodies provide:

ü More vitamins & minerals  

ü  More ergothioneines

ü  More di- & triterpenes

ü  Over 20 times more immune enhancing Beta-(1,3) (1,6)-D-Glucans. 

To get the real mushroom nutrition you want, make sure your label reads, “100% Mushroom Fruiting Bodies” and is standardized to 20% to 40% beta-glucans

Careful ingredient sourcing and using the right tests to ensure safety and quality are a priority for us. Here are our lab results for the current batch of MyPure™ Reishi 4X.

Microbial Testing


Heavy Metal Testing


Identity Testing


Potency Testing 




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Helps me stay calm

I have using reishi for years and I like this company