The world's first diet specific digestive enzymes. Offering a personalized answer for a very individual issue. 

Digestive problems are not new.  Millions struggle daily, with discomfort including symptoms of gas, bloating, Leaky Gut and enzyme insufficiency. Digestive enzyme supplements have been around for over fifty years, but have only been available in a “one size fits all" option, until now.

We realized that a singular response could not be the answer for such a complicated problem.  Digestion is complex, and digestive enzymes are very specialized. Protease enzymes can only digest proteins, lipase only break down fats and, carbohydrase only work on carbs.  America is a diverse place, with a wide variety of diets and meal plans.  Our dietary choices may be ethnocentric, generic, based on the latest fad diet or eating junk food, but each option has a different ratio of protein, fat and carbs. No surprise then that our digestion system would need more than one option for support.

Despite the huge number of possible dietary combinations,  all fall into one of nine major macronutrient profiles.  So, we applied a special algorithm* to each one and developed an enzyme supplement based on the foods we actually eat. 

Now, rather than settling for a so-so, one size fits all option you can enjoy the world's first personalized digestive enzyme supplement. (Actually, nine, one for each of those macronutrient profiles).

Real-Zymes™ are the most advanced enzyme supplements ever offered.  Optimized to work at every pH level in the digestive tract, they break down proteins, carbohydrates, and fats for the quickest, most efficient and complete digestion possible.

Real-Zymes™ provide the best possible replacement for the lack of natural enzymes in our food and, for those we no longer make in enough quantity.

Real-Zymes™ combine the world’s finest enzymes, blended for each style of diet, they are encapsulated in a cGMP certified compliant facility in the United States, and  tested (twice) for purity and cleanliness (before, and after packaging).

They are, in short, the world’s finest enzyme supplements.

*proprietary enzyme activity algorithms