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NATURAL Candida Yeast Infection Cleanse With No Die Off Reaction or 100% Money Back Guarantee


Candex™ - For Over 20 Years, Candex™ Has Successfully Helped Thousands to Control Their Candida Yeast Infection

2 out of 3 Americans Are Affected by This Largely Unknown Malady. Are You Experiencing Digestive Issues, Vaginal Infections, Chronic Fatigue, Brain Fog, Digestive Issues or Oral Thrush but Don't Know Why? You Might Have a Candida Problem.


Candex™ 40 Capsules Candida Cleanse




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Candex™ Benefits


Candida No Die Off reaction


Candex™ is an ultra-potent, 100% natural, proprietary blend of enzymes that breaks down Candida’s cell wall. When the cell wall is sufficiently degraded, the Candida dies. Candida cannot become immune to enzymes, and the enzymes do not trigger die off symptoms.
Candex™ works fast


Candex™ enzymes work fast. If Candida is causing the problem, you'll begin to feel better quickly*.
Made in USA


GMO Free, Sugar Free, Soy Free, Yeast Free, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Nut Free, Shellfish Free and Vegetarian. Made in a cGMP facility in the United States.
100% Money Back Guarantee


If you’re not completely delighted with your results, we’ll happily refund your entire purchase price, including any taxes your state might charge.

The Candida Story in a Nutshell

Candida yeast is everywhere. You simply can’t keep it out of your body. Normally, it does no harm, because your healthy probiotics prevent it from growing beyond reasonable limits. Chlorinated water, antibiotics and other lifestyle factors can devastate probiotic populations, thus opening the door to Candida overgrowth.

Because Candida is always present, there is no real Candida cure. Thus, success lies in keeping its population within acceptable limits. While antifungal drugs and herbs have long been used for this purpose, they present several problems. First, they work only for a short time, because Candida becomes immune to them. Second, while they do work, they trigger massive Candida die off symptoms. Third, they can damage the liver. In short, you need a better support system, and Candex provides it.

Candex™ Formula

Candex™ is an ultra-potent, 100% natural, proprietary blend of enzymes that breaks down Candida’s cell wall. When the cell wall is sufficiently degraded, the Candida dies. Candida cannot become immune to enzymes, and the enzymes do not trigger die off symptoms. They also cause no liver issues. Best of all, these enzymes work fast. If Candida is causing your problem, you’ll begin to feel better fast*.

For 40 years, people have been told they can beat Candida with diet. That’s simply not true. Candida is one of the world’s most adaptive organisms. If it finds no sugar in the gut, it will penetrate the intestinal wall, enter the bloodstream and colonize tissues, organs and glands. In other words, a sugar free diet can actually cause it to spread. You should, for many “good health” reasons, avoid all processed carbs. But, fresh fruits and honey, in reasonable amounts, can actually keep Candida from spreading. In short, you don’t have to make a major dietary changes to enjoy Candida’s benefits.

What is Oral Thrush?

Oral thrush, also known as ‘thrush’ or oral candidiasis (kan-dih-DIE-uh-sis) is a yeast infection caused when a naturally occurring fungus called Candida Albicans accumulates in and on the lining of your mouth. The fungus turns into thrush when the natural bacteria in the mouth becomes out of balance.

While low levels of Candida are normal in the mouth and elsewhere in the body, the fungus can quickly transform into a state of ‘overgrowth’ and cause unpleasant symptoms.

Since Oral Thrush is a form of Candida, Candex™ proprietary enzymes will break down the cell wall of the yeast, which leads to its demise.

Oral Thrush Symptoms

  • Thrush causes creamy white lesions, usually on your tongue or inner cheeks. Sometimes oral thrush can spread to the roof of the mouth, gums or tonsils, or the back of the throat.
  • Redness in and around the mouth
  • Cotton-like feelings inside the mouth
  • Burning sensations in the mouth
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Metallic taste on the tongue
  • New sores that look like cottage cheese
  • Decreased sense of taste, especially when eating and drinking
  • Cracking in the corners of the mouth


Cellulase and Hemicellulase

These eznymes help break down the fibrous materials present in yeast cells.

Beta Glucanase

Breaks down the beta glucans which are major components of Candida’s cell wall. (Beta Glucanase exists in the formula as a side activity of the cellulose).

Amylase, Invertase, Glucoamylase

Help break down the sugar portions of glycoproteins, which more or less “hold” the cell together.

Candex™ Supplement Facts

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Long Do I have To Take Candex™?

    As mentioned, it is impossible to eliminate Candida from the body. The goal is to reduce its population to a level that won’t affect your quality of life. Because diet, lifestyle, personal immune status, probiotic populations and the amount of Candida overgrowth you’re dealing with are all unique to you, it is impossible to say how long you will need Candex™.

    We can tell you however, that if Candida is the problem, you'll begin to feel better quickly*.

    When you begin using Candex™, use one capsule in the morning. On day three, increase to one capsule in the morning and another at night. On day five, increase to two capsules in the morning and two at night.

    When you are feeling like your old self again, cut back to three capsule per day for a week, then two for another week, then one for another week, and then discontinue.

    However, if at any time during this cutback period you feel Candida related discomforts returning, go back to four capsules daily for another month.

  • Can Candex™ Be Used While Pregnant or Breastfeeding?

    Many natural health practitioners regularly recommend Candex™ to their clients. We have no reports of problems experienced by pregnant or breastfeeding women, or their patients.

    Some women have reported that it helps with nipple yeast associated with breastfeeding.

    However, as with any product, we advise you to consult with your physician or alternative health practitioner before using Candex™ during pregnancy or breastfeeding.


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" I want to thank you again for your generosity in sending me the Candex™ shipments. This is the 1st time in 18 years that I have not been plagued by Candida! I'm still not at the point that I don't need support, so I'm still taking 2-3 capsules daily and maintaining a strict diet to remain symptom free.

I'm working on the underlying causes, but in the mean time I'm not making things worse with the anti-fungals I used to take which didn't work very well and gave me die off symptoms and other problems as well.

The Candex™ has been a key factor in my return to health from a nearly 30 year chronic condition of illness. Needless to say, it comes naturally and easily for me to tell individuals, store managers and health practitioners in my community about the value of Candex™, which I do whenever the opportunity arises!

Please let me know if there is anything more I can do in appreciation.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! "


Our Promise

Candex™ Guarantee

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

100% Risk Free

Pure Essence Labs provides a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee. If you are less than delighted with the results of any of our products you purchased on our web site, you may receive a complete refund of the purchase price within 60 days of the invoice date.

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