Commitment to Purity

For more than 20 years, Pure Essence has led the natural supplement industry with innovation, creativity, and an unmatched commitment to purity.

Every raw material we use is hand selected and must be shown by sound science to serve a valid purpose in the overall action of the product it is added to. It must also be acceptable from the perspective of holistic health disciplines like Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Not only is careful ingredient sourcing a priority to us, but also using the right tests to ensure safety and quality. Each batch is triple tested for identity, heavy metals, and toxins. Every product is 100% compliant with even the strictest of regulations.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Allison M
The best prenatal!

I loved this gentle, natural prenatal during my entire twin pregnancy!

Tiff in Chicago
Best Pre-Natal Vitamin I've ever used!

I've tried them all... this is the first prenatal that actually comes from good sources and doesn't make me feel sick as a dog - in fact these vitamins make me feel great I've been energetic throughout most of my first trimester. The smell of the vitamins is definitely off-putting but once you get used to it it's not so bad. Also be warned... one daily dose is THREE pills. One bottle is only a one month supply making it slightly less than $1/day which can definitely add up!

Nutritionist approved!

I am a nutritionist and am expecting my first child. I am a huge advocate of whole food natural supplements so when it came time to choose my prenatal I knew that the synthetic versions that you can find in the store or get from your doctor would not be an option. This is an awesome prenatal that did not cause me some of the common symptoms that other synthetic prenatal vitamins can cause such as constipation.

Great product

Yes they smell gross and taste funky but they are natural they are big to swallow so for all you weak pill takers this product is not for you. I love this multi vitamin because of all the natural and pure ingredients would recommend it to any mother to be.

Great Prenatal

This is a great prenatal vitamin. It is on the pricey side but I appreciated that I could use it and not have any nausea after taking it. Some multi-vitamins do that to me.

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